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  • Web, Mainframe, Client/Server Development

  • Data Modeling, Database Management

  • Concept Development

  • Project Planning

  • Requirements and Definition Analysis

  • Implementation and Integration

Siertek provides subject matter and software development expertise in Air Force logistics and Depot Maintenance systems. Siertek’s support takes the form of logistics management and support services for the Reparability Forecast Model (RFM) and Management of Items Subject to Repair (MISTR) Requirements Scheduling and Analysis System, optimization via Depot Maintenance Materiel Support System (DMMSS), supply chain management and provisioning through the Exchangeables Production System (EPS), and integrated logistics support via support the Information Systems Management Tool (ISMT). 


Siertek provides sustainment, surveillance, and development support in the areas of software infrastructure, software engineering,  technical expertise, resolution of Severity 1-5 Deficiency Reports (DRs), Software Problem Reports (SPRs), Baseline Change Requests (BCRs), Communications-Computer Requirements Document (CSRD), Technical Communications- Computer Requirements Document (TCSRD) and Information System Requests (ISRs) identified by the Program Management Office for work.

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