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  • Help Desk

  • Application Development 

  • Information Assurance 

  • Inventory Management

  • Enterprise-wide Strategic Planning 

  • Network Implementation 

  • Research and Analytical Support

SierTeK supports a dynamic group of scientists, engineers, and staff working at AFRL.  SierTeK staffs on-site Help Desks that service a wide range of computer support and IT requests from a large customer base consisting of technical, administrative, and support personnel.  SierTeK supports the Application Development Team to provide support for everything from individual users to multiple directorates by providing custom software solutions for virtually any IT problem, to boost efficiency, increase organization, and improve AFRL’s capabilities. SierTeK works with AFRL to design, install and maintain computer networks throughout AFRL.  


Additionally, our personnel sustains the security and reliability of the AFRL’s network environment. Our objective is to uphold the confidentiality, integrity, authenticity and availability of the networking environment.  We implement and track compliance with network security directives as well as oversee and follow up

on regularly scheduled vulnerability scans, tracking and resolving malicious logic incidents as needed.

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