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 Business and Technology Management Administration (BATMAn)




  • IDIQ Management

  • Program Management

  • Financial Management

  • Protocol Services

  • Material Management​

  • Mailroom Support

SierTeK manages and supports the BATMAn IDIQ to provide Non-Personal, Non-Advisory and Assistance (A&AS) Services in response to Task Orders (TO) for management, business and administrative services. These services are to support the Phillips Research Site (PRS) management and operations at various organizational levels to include Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) Space Vehicles (RV) and AFRL Directed Energy (RD) Directorates at Kirtland AFB. SierTeK provides the following services:

Management and Business Services:  SierTeK provides management and administrative services in support of PRS business, resources, program control, schedules, and accounting operations. SierTeK provides preparation and analysis of budget and financial data and preparation of pertinent briefing materials, analysis and entry of financial data into automated systems, preparation of business resources and financial reports, business and programmatic support to PRS organizations and teams and documentation of financial processes and systems. SierTeK also provides verification and assessment of budget and financial data, evaluation of compliance with applicable policies and procedures, support for independent business and financial analysis and reviews, and operational audit. Additionally, SierTeK maintains business and financial data bases.

Administrative Services: SierTeK provides administrative services to support PRS management and the operations at the various organizational levels and AFRL geographically separated unites or locations with an AFRL presence, their technical and functional divisions, the business offices within the divisions as well as individual projects, branches and divisions.

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