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  • Medical Plans and Programs

  • Medical Flight Screening

  • Epidemiology Consulting Services

  • Medical IT Support Services

  • Hyperbaric Medicine Support

  • Aerospace Medicine

  • Bio-Statistical Services

Siertek  provides functional support to the following 711th mission areas: aerospace consultation services, aerospace medicine, biomedical research and clinical hyperbaric support, internal medicine, ophthalmology, neuropsychiatry, clinical reference, medical entomology, information technology, medical logistics, medical information systems, advanced distributed learning, curriculum development, and financial and administrative services. 


Siertek provides Advisory and Assistance services to assist in the Education and Administration of the  School of Aerospace Medicine and 711th HPW organizations. Siertek provides professionally and technically qualified individuals to perform the tasks specified in each task order, including administrative support, distributed learning support, financial management and analysis, curriculum development, program management assistance, technical writing and end-user IT support. Siertek also provides qualified medical clinical research and laboratory support for the mission areas identified above.

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