Welcome to the Onboarding Siertek Page!

Congratulations on your new position. We are so happy to welcome you to SierTek.

Below you will find the steps to onboarding digitally. Click the links to fill out all of our onboarding forms! Everything must be filled out. Don't forget step 4 which is uploading your 2 forms of ID and bank info! 


All steps 1, 2, 3, and 4 must be complete before you are invited to Journyx and get paid.


If you have questions email us at Katie.Sierra@siertek.com


Thank you! 


Please Read our Benefit Packet


Fill out the onboarding forms and insurance forms, even if declining!


Fill out your I-9 and W-4


Upload 2 forms of ID and a voided check/bank statement with routing and acct #

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